Giovedì, 27 Ottobre 2016 15:34

Aeolian harp

WARNING: this is NOT a musical instrument !!! It is not an instrument YOU or ANYONE can play, but an object only WIND can play properly. You make a sound box, you stretch nylon strings on it, you tune them all at the same pitch (you can tune some of the strings one octave lower or higher, or even at a fifth OR fourth) and then put this object in a place where the wind can blow, for exemple very close to your window slightly open. You will hear marveillous unexpected sounds coming from the strings, apparently absolutely still. These particular subtle sounds are the natural overtones, part of every sound we hear but hidden inside them, as usual. The wind harp works with sound as the prism does with light: it shows a clear analysis of sound in its components, as prism does with white light projecting the different colours in the air (the Rainbow). If you don't want to make your own soundbox by yourself you can take an old classical guitar and put on it all nylon strings the same size tuned at the same pitch and you will get approximately the same goal! Or you can hear them in House of music and lutherie Randazzo, in windy days..


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