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Harmonic planetarium

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At the House of Music and Lutherie in Randazzo, a little medieval village on mount Etna, you can also see, and listen to !, a reproduction of Cosmos according to Pythagoras, Plato and Aristoteles. Each planet and the stars have a sound of the diatonic major scale (Dorico). The stars have C all together, then you find Saturn on D , Juppiter E, Mars F, the Sun G (the fifth, the major consonant interval), Venus A, Mercury B and the Moon on C. So you fulfil a whole octave. And our Earth? It is still in the middle and receives all harmony and light from outer space. Some differences are among the ideas od Pythagoras, Plato and Aristoteles about Universe, but all their contributions are illustrated in this model and you can even listen to the magic sounds of the "Cosmic Lyre" through strings streched at the right distances to reproduce the famous "Music of the Spheres" !

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